Laval Refuse was initiated by Francine Lajoie and Véronique Riopel in March 2012 to inform citizens on the impacts of electromagnetic pollution and on the risks associated with the implementation of smart meters.  In November 2013, following many demands from citizens, Laval Refuse became Laval/Laurentides Refuse to offer support to the people of that region. In March 2014, Mrs Lajoie and Riopel continue their work within C4ST national team (Canadians for Safe Technology/Canadiens pour une technologie sécuritaire).  From now on, any word spoken or action taken under the name Laval Refuse and/or Laval/Laurentides Refuse can not be attribuated, in any case, to Mrs Francine Lajoie and Véronique Riopel.

To facilitate the transition, the page Comment refuser?/How to refuse? will be kept on line for a certain amount of time for people used to refer to it.  If you want to be kept informed about any new development regarding the deployment of smart meters in Québec or any other aspect of related to electromagnetic pollution, please write to: communications@c4st.org.

  To reach them, click here.


Veuillez noter que Laval Refuse est un site d’information et ne peut, en aucun cas, être tenu responsable pour tout dommage pouvant résulter de l’utilisation du contenu de ce site ou pour le mauvais usage et les interprétations erronées qui pourraient en être faites.

Please note that Laval Refuse is an information site and cannot be, in any case, liable for any damage that could result  from the use of the content of this website or for the wrong use and misinterpretations that could be done.





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